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Planed & Shawn
Planed & ShawnPlaned & ShawnPlaned & Shawn

Derived from the largest cultivated forest in Western Europe, Maritime pine from Landes offers major technical advantages:

  • Controlled humidity.
  • High mechanical stability.
  • Easy to machine.
  • High density (550 kg/m3).
  • Multiple possibilities for finishes and decorations, tinted, varnished or oiled.
  • A significant proportion of wood without knots.

Increasingly used in the timber industry, maritime pine is a very competitive and typically offers long term price stability.
Constant availability to the forest’s abundance aided by careful management.
These woods are mainly used to make furniture, mouldings, coffins, panels, toys, etc.

With our mastery of raw materials and processing, our constant capacity for innovation, our in-depth knowledge of the user markets, we bring to our industrial customers a real group synergy to create successful and creative long term partnerships.

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