Landes pine from the largest cultivated forest in Western Europe has five major technical advantages :

A constant humidity level
Excellent mechanical stability
Easily machined
High density (550kg/m3)
Wide selection of designs and
and finishes (dyed, varnished or oiled).

A large proportion of knot-free

Coastal pine, increasingly popular in the wood-processing industry, is a very competitive and stable species in terms of price.
This price stability is due to its abundance, availability and resource management. These woods are essentially used to manufacture furniture, mouldings, coffins, panels, toys, etc.

Our expertise in raw materials and processing, our constant innovation and our excellent knowledge of user markets mean that we are able to provide our industrial customers with a real group synergy and the assurance of an efficient and creative partnership.

Wooden palette Wooden palette
Wooden palette
rough timber
2 m rough timber
finger-jointed untreated timber

We have designed for you a wide range of homogeneous and finger-jointed sawn timber for direct use, available in large volumes with a constant humidity level.

Our productions, available at various stages of development, are also customizable.

They can thus receive a number of additional finishes according to your specifications: planing, routing, drilling, profiling, special sanding, etc.


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